Gratitudin’ With Rob ‘n’ Robin

My “Sista from another Mista”, Robin Shaw, and I riffed on gratitude one day.

It is vital that we focus on what we have and what is good, more than what we don’t have and what is going wrong.

It is not to ignore evil, stick our head in the sand, or be a Pollyanna, but rather to appropriately direct energy where it is most effective for good living.

Then, I believe, we are able to hold both the wonderful and the awful with a perspective that is whole and proper.

What is Lent?

Lent can be a good time to clear away those obstructions which tend to block our view of God.

To purge our lives from the distractions which we find so easily addictive, and which serve to turn the heart, the soul’s gaze, away from Jesus.

To cut off the superfluous things which cut off the power supply line of the Holy Spirit from filling our lives.