Why Do I Live Here ~by Gabriela

In school as a class we are right now reading 1 Corinthians. It tells us not to judge yourself along with everyone around you. I know that it becomes all too easy to round up our own opinions on a person. We tend to judge people on how they do their work, how they act socially, maybe even how they eat their food. We must always remember that we are not here to judge other people, that is all God’s job. If someone acts out in an unacceptable manner, they may be , most likely, going through something hard or acting out of their own insecurity. We must remember to love everyone. 1 Corinthians also talks about acting in the flesh and in the spirit. If you act in the flesh , you are acting out of your own accord; but if you are acting in the spirit you are doing what God would have you do.

I believe that we are here to (and this is my own opinion) spread God’s will and word. Ask yourself, why would create us if it was not to be close to him? I believe we are here to be as Jesus was- fully perfect and divine. Walking alongside God and talking to him as you would your very best and most trustworthy friend. Like how it was with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

In acting out of the spirit you must do what God tells you to do, you must listen to him and hear what he has to tell you. I want to challenge you to not judge the people around you, but if they do something you would consider to be wrong, just pray for them.  If they need help, offer to help them. If something hard has happened to them and they are acting out, pray for them to be healed. If they are presently going through something hard and they just need a hug from time to time; be there to give them that hug. You can only truly, truly act out of the spirit if you are in tuned with God; so I want to challenge you to take time out of your day to just sit and be. Whether it is five minutes, wether it is twenty minutes, I want to challenge you to do that. So that you can be alongside God as He had planned for all of us to be when He first created Adam and Eve.