What is Lent?

Lent can be a good time to clear away those obstructions which tend to block our view of God.

To purge our lives from the distractions which we find so easily addictive, and which serve to turn the heart, the soul’s gaze, away from Jesus.

To cut off the superfluous things which cut off the power supply line of the Holy Spirit from filling our lives.


2 thoughts on “What is Lent?”

  1. Thanks, Rob! Since Ash Wednesday I have been engaging in Lent and practicing an extended fast for the first time in my life. Your message provided excellent motivation to keep going, so that I can keep clearing out that which distracts, focus more on Jesus, and allow the Holy Spirit to fill me more fully. He is doing that! Thanks for all you share in written and oral ways through the Ripple Effect. I have been reading and listening for two years. God has been and is using you. Thanks, brother!

    1. Thank YOU, Greg! For the encouraging word to keep going myself. This is really great to read, brother. Praise be to God.

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