September 6 / Proverbs 6 / Luke 24

welcome-criticism mat

Proverbs 6:21-23

We remind each other of what is Truth because it gives us life, because we care for each other.

Only God’s ways give Life (what we all truly hunger for). So we turn each other away from paths that will bring death because of our love for one another.
Correction is a blessed thing, giving life not just pain.
Humble yourself and take correction, it may save your life.

Luke 24:47
Do you love people so much that you forgive them anything they do against you just so you can be in right relationship with them?
Remember, how you forgive others is the same way you will be forgiven by God.
Luke 24:49
Have you ever known anyone who was “clothed with power from on high”?
Should we?


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