September 5 / Proverbs 5 / Luke 23

veil torn 3

Proverbs 5:22

An evil man will be caught in his wicked ways; the ropes of his sin will tie him up.

The great lie:

Going against our Creator’s loving guidelines will bring you freedom.

Actions contrary to the laws of the universe as set up by the Maker of said universe will only become the ropes that tie you up, robbing you of the freedom He bought for you and wants to give you out of His great abundance and love.

Luke 23:45

The veil of the temple ripped down the middle.

Why did the veil rip?

So we could make more rules?

To establish the right denomination?

To show the correct doctrine and tradition?

What was accomplished by this cosmic act of Jesus of Nazareth?

Direct access to the presence of God for EVERY human being.

It is available to all 7 billion people right NOW.

This was simply unavailable to all people before this event. Hard to comprehend this. Hard to comprehend how Jesus’ work has been both abused and neglected.

From what I understand of ancient Judaism, only one priest could enter the presence of God once a year in one special place.

God is no longer “confined” to the temple. We can see Him anywhere, anytime. No place or time is more sacred than another. Easter Sunday is no more sacred than, say, Thursday October 16th. The most beautiful cathedral in the world is no more holy than the northwest corner of my dirty garage.

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