September 18 / Proverbs 18 / John 12


Proverbs 18:14

No one can live with a broken spirit.
We can be that catalyst of hope and healing for people with a broken spirit.
Without hope, life doesn’t seem worth living.
Who can you encourage today?
Just a word of hope may be all someone needs today.
Listen to that voice & obey it.

John 12:47
“I came to save the world, not to judge it.” -Jesus of Nazareth
What a great approach we can take, never judging, never condemning, but always providing the truth, the hope that is available for people to grab on and anchor to.
This way is effective, but challenging because we feel the need to tell
people they are wrong. But think about, “What do I really want?” with regard to any given situation. Do I want to prove I’m right? That someone else is wrong? Or do I want hope and healing for the other person?

I came to save the world, not to judge it.
The answer to being saved from yourself gives hope.
Jesus wants to save you from yourself, from your ego, your self-dependency. If you have the fortunate clarity to see that you are the problem and in need of rescue, you are in a good place. If you then have the desire for rescue (realizing you cannot rescue yourself), Jesus regenerates your heart with new desires for Him and His ways. And He heals, really heals, whatever inner parts of you that you allow Him full access to.
This, to me, is JESUS SAVES.
Judgment takes what little someone may have away from them.


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