October 24 / Proverbs 24 / Matthew 24


Proverbs 24:26

An honest answer is as pleasing as a kiss on the lips.

Guess it depends on who is doing the kissing, but let’s take the lesson and simply be honest with each other.  Don’t hide behind a mask today.  Give honest answers to everyone and experience the freedom it brings.

Matthew 24:1-14

The beginnings of birth pangs of the rise of Christianity.  A birthing of the new age was upon them and the pains of birth would come with it.

The Temple would be destroyed in about 40 years signaling the new age that has dawned with no Temple needed because Jesus is our Temple now.  He is our Temple and Law.

It was going to be rough yet necessary, in death and resurrection fashion, to bring in this new age of the Messiah.  The age of Law and Temple was past.

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