October 23 / Proverbs 23 / Matthew 23


Proverbs 23:7

As he thinks in his heart, so is he.

We are that really, both to God and man, which we are inwardly; and neither religion nor friendship is worth anything further than is it is sincere.

~Matthew Henry

Who we are is the product of our thoughts.

Our character isa the sum total of our thoughts.

Good thinking yields good fruit.

Bad thinking yields bad fruit.

Wanna change your life?

Change your thinking-reprogram your mind-and your life will change. Guaranteed. This is surely why the Holy Spirit inspired the apostle Paul to write about our thinking in Philippians 4 and Colossians 3.

People judge us by appearance, but God judges us by our hearts, our inner most thinking, as we see in I Samuel 16:7. This is either frightening or relieving for you.

God has granted to us the power of thought and free will which we can use to endlessly torment ourselves and reap the destruction thereof; or we can reap joy and abundance through the cultivation of right and good thinking within the garden of our mind. I read once that 1,400 is the number of words the average person has going through their mind per minute! “We are either strategically tortured by this mass of words or we learn to use them as a strong current that powerfully flows from God’s heart to ours.” In this sense, we are the “makers of ourselves,” but only due to the potential God has granted to us in His good and loving creation of us.

It is you who can and must decide the kind of day you will have, or else the world will be more than glad to do that for you.

Living each moment surrendered to God, thankful for all He brings, is key to happiness.

Matthew 23:25-28

First make the inside of the cup clean, and then the outside will be clean as well. 

On the outside you appear to be virtuous and law-abiding, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.


We constantly get the cart before the horse.

The wisest person who ever lived on earth says to FIRST make the inside clean.

THEN the outside will automatically be clean as well.

Pursue God from the depths of your heart. Seek Him with all your soul. Then through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, action will come (super)naturally.

Here is evidence, spoken by Jesus, that being trumps doing.

Someone sincerely seeking God with all his or her heart will naturally bear fruit. Fruit-bearing (doing good and offering truth and self) then need not be the focus, for how can one who is seeking God with all his or her heart not bear the fruit of it?  You simply seek God first, trust Him, abandon all outcomes to Him, and then do what comes naturally from that root. And what comes naturally at that point will be really, really good–because you are seeking the Source of all good. Rumor has it that God will even help you.

But someone who is focused on doing good works (external) may or may not be seeking God in his or her heart. You can still do good works without a thought of God or doing it for Him at all.

More than what we do, it’s why we do it, and who we do it for.


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