October 25 / Proverbs 25 / Matthew 25


Proverbs 25:12

A wise warning to someone who will listen is of very great value.

We can give wise warnings, but if to the non-listening ear, it is a notch above pointless.  Always have your listener in mind.  Don’t speak just to hear yourself talk, or make yourself feel better.  Speak out of love to genuinely help the person in front of you.

Matthew 25:40,45

Whatever we do to or for the least significant person here on earth, we do to or for God Himself.  And whatever we don’t do to or for the least significant person here on earth, we don’t do to or for God Himself.

May this take away from us any judgment of any person based on value we assign them according to our own system of how important they are to us–how much they add to or detract from our feelings of significance.

Let this destroy our false perceptions that some people are not worthy of our time and full attention in the moment.

How we treat the most annoying person, or the person who can do nothing for us, this is exactly how we treat our King.

I remember once going to visit my kid in prison after going months without seeing him.  He was crushed when I did not visit him for such a long time.  And he was utterly elated when I walked in to see him after the layoff.  Why did I go so long without visiting?  Was it because it was so easy not to go?  Because I get nothing from him in return [or so I think]?


Oh God, I pray I have learned from You in this passage of Your word.

How I treat him, I treat You….Forgive me.  Thank You.

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