August 1 / Proverbs 1 / Mark 4


Proverbs 1:23

If only you had ·listened [responded] when I corrected you,
    I would have ·told you what’s in my heart [poured forth my spirit to you];
    I would have ·told you what I am thinking [revealed my words to you][EXB]

Here is wisdom speaking.

If only you would listen.

There’s so much God will reveal to you.

If only you would listen.

I believe every single “problem” or stressor in our day is an opportunity for growth.

If only we would listen.

Behind every upsetting circumstance could be the loving correction of YHWH.

If only we would listen.

If we would train ourselves to listen for it.

Growth or stagnation depends in very large part on our decision to listen in the present moment.

Mark 4:39

He got up, scolded the wind, and said to the sea, “Silence! Shut up!” The wind died, and there was a flat calm. [KNT]

The wind and the sea here made me think of the noise and chaos of life. Most, if not all, of the noise and chaos in our lives is self-inflicted or unnecessary.

We do have the ability to silence the storm and be quiet with God. It just depends on how much we want Him and what we are willing to give up for Him. We hear clearly in the calm and the quiet of life, listening only to Him. None of us are too busy to take some time to sit quietly and listen to God. It may be more challenging for some than others, but not impossible.

Example for me personally, I recently decided to be on the computer only once a day for an hour max (most of which is these Daily Meds). Oh the peace of staying away from the polyphonic madness of computer land! And I have what I call my “Amish phone,” which has no internet connectivity whatsoever. I love this phone. It doesn’t even recognize “emojis” I think they’re called? Some of you still send them to me–they look like empty squares on my phone FYI. I just always assume they’re smiley faces or hearts.

Take control of what you can take control of and say, “Silence! Shut up!” Then you will hear the soothing voice of God.

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