The Meaning of The Ripple Effect Logo


The Ripple Effect logo was created by my talented friend, Jill Sauerburger. It is beautiful to me.

I thought it might be a good idea to take a moment and explain the significance behind it. It’s good to pause from time to time in order to review and remind ourselves of the meaning represented by those simple visuals we may encounter on a daily basis.

Symbols and icons representing rich truths are powerful and memorable. This logo was created with purpose, not necessarily just to look nice.

First off, let us simply say that the concept of “the ripple effect” reminds us that everything we do matters.Everything we say and do affects someone else. Actually, a lot of someone elses. It’s been reported that even the most introverted person will have a significant effect on ten thousand people in their lifetime. Everything we do affects the world in some way.

So this is represented by the most obvious part of the picture, the ripple right in the middle caused by the dipping leaf. What I like about the look of the branch, leaves, and ripples is that they are not neat, perfect, angular lines. It’s messy. Our journey and pursuit of God is not always perfect or goes as planned and predicted. This reminds me that the spiritual life is more about obedience than it is agenda. The word “THE” being on its side also lends to showing the reality of these unpredictable, not-always-how-we-think-it-will-look ways of God.

Notice how the ripples go out of the picture into the word “ripple.” What we do affects more than we think, see, anticipate, or know. What we do and say ripples outside of our normal, limited view. This should sober us, but also excite us to trust in what we do for the love of God, even if we don’t actually see the effects ourselves. They may just be outside our view.

The word “ripple” is all lower case. So many times we don’t feel our words or actions are significant. They seem so small, unheard, or unheeded. But the effect is greater than we know, thus the big bold word “EFFECT.” Do small things with great love and you will most certainly change the world for the better!

Finally, my favorite and most important part of the picture is that which you do not see. The branch isn’t hanging from mid air. In order for it to keep dipping in the water, it must be connected to a tree. This is Jesus, the true Vine, and us, the branches, from my favorite passage in all of Scripture–John 15:1-11. Not being able to see the tree reminds us that God is truly ineffable. And yet, we know He is there. He must be always there.

How beautiful a branch is when it is gently swayed by the wind. Jesus compared the Holy Spirit to the wind, the breath that moves us. Only a branch connected to the vine can be moved in this way. Disconnected, lying on the ground, not much happens other than withering.

May we stay connected to Jesus in order to affect the world supernaturally and forever, for good and for love–for God.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this, and that you will be reminded of these truths whenever you see The Ripple Effect logo!

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