September 10 / Proverbs 10 / John 4


Proverbs 10:4

Lazy people are soon poor; hard workers get rich.

The lazy person sits around wishing he was rich.

No one ever sat around on the couch watching TV for a year and suddenly became a great violin player.

I’m just sayin’…doesn’t happen.

This applies to our spirit as well.  It takes intentional focus to feed your spirit and mature it. Becoming spiritually strong, like becoming a great violin player, does not just happen by itself. You don’t hear testimony that “God just zapped me in an instant one day making me a spiritually mature disciple! I had no training or experience to go through at all!” Hmmm, this is sounding similar to a diet pill infomercial…

We may be instantly zapped with desire  for God, but not maturity.

You’re not a good husband or wife just because you said “I do” one day. Do couples know each other better on their wedding day or on their 30th anniversary?

Do not confuse calling, gifting, or anointing with maturity.

John 4:42

“We believe too,” they said to the woman, “but it’s no longer because of what you told us. We’ve heard Him ourselves! We know that He really is the One! He’s the Savior of the world!”

There’s belief. And then there’s knowing.

You may believe via hearing from a person, reading the Bible, listening to a sermon, or even witnessing a transformed life.

But belief crosses over into knowing when you hear directly from God Himself.

When you experience firsthand the presence of God, from seeking Him alone directly or from a near death experience or simply from God’s relentless pursuit of you, you obtain a new level of awareness and knowledge of the Holy One that is unshakeable.

Check yourself to make sure you are seeking God Himself and not people, mere information, or life enhancement. All that is not God will eventually fail you.

I have no good besides You. Psalm 16


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