September 11 / Proverbs 11 / John 5


Proverbs 11:2

Pride leads only to shame; it is wise to be humble.

 Proverbs 11:12
People without good sense find fault with others,
but those with understanding keep quiet.
Proverbs 11:27
Whoever looks for good finds kindness, but whoever looks for evil will find trouble.
Always look for the good in others.
It is there to be found if truly sought.
Like a photograph, people should be looked at in the best possible light.

John 5:19
“The son can do nothing by himself. He can only do what he sees the father doing. Whatever the father does, the son does too, and in the same way.”  -Jesus of Nazareth
John 5:30
“I can’t do anything on my own authority…I’m not trying to carry out my own wishes, but the wishes of the one who sent me.”  -Jesus of Nazareth
John 5:41,44
“I’m not accepting glory from human beings..How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another, and you’re not looking for the glory that comes from the one and only God?”  -Jesus of Nazareth
Conclusion: Jesus was pure awesomeness because He sought His Father’s will every moment of His life. We too, can be pure awesomeness, indeed we are made to be, if we but surrender to the perfect will of the Father at all times. This can happen, but not by accident, and not without authentic, supportive, God-centered relationships.


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