January 14 / Proverbs 14 / Matthew 14


Proverbs 14:2

Those who walk uprightly fear the Lord

This fear is not a matter of being frightened, but rather of awe, being moved by God’s transcendent power and majesty. Trust in and love for the divine power and the resulting obedience and relationship are implied by this “fear of the Lord.”

-from The Spiritual Formation Bible

Matthew 14:13

When Jesus heard it [John the Baptizer was killed], He went away from there in a boat to a deserted spot by Himself.

We see from the accounts that this is Jesus’ default in times of trouble. Going to His father to be alone with Him. I am growing in this myself and noticing the great comfort that is brought by our Papa. Instead of doing what is “normal” for you in a time of stress, choose instead to get alone with our Father and cry out to Him. I believe He desires this of us and is ready to meet us here and enjoys comforting us. He is the God of all comfort.

Why is it we, even as  Christians, tend to go everywhere but directly to God first for comfort?

Matthew 14:17-18

“All we have here,” they said, “is five loaves of bread and two fish.” “Bring them to me,” He said.

“All I have are these talents, Lord, these few skills.” “Bring them to me and I will multiply them beyond what you have imagined. Hand them over to Me in trust and watch Me do great and mighty things with what you have.”

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