October 30 / Proverbs 30 / Mark 2


Proverbs 30:10

Make it a resolution to never speak badly of anyone.
Never defame anyone.
This is a good resolution you will not regret.
Satan wants to steal our unity.

Mark 2:27
The Sabbath was made for humans, not humans for the Sabbath.
Jesus teaches us that a rest day without distraction is good for us, needed.
It is not about following rules of what you can or cannot do that day.
We all need a day to chill from all the crap & be laser focused on Him who loves us so much.
This recharges us, focuses us.
Do you do this?
If not, don’t say to yourself, “I should really do that.”
But rather ask yourself, “Why do I not do that?”
In that answer much will be revealed to you.


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