May 21 / Proverbs 21 / Luke 7

ding dongs

Proverbs 21:2

You may believe you are doing right, but the LORD judges your reasons.

Life and goodness is not so much about what you do (though it certainly includes that), but about why you do it.

Proverbs 21:3

Doing what is right and fair is more important to the LORD than sacrifices.

God has always been about treating people well, even in the OT. All the laws were related to treating others well. They weren’t some arbitrary rules for His own ego or something.

Proverbs 21:5

The plans of hard working people earn a profit, but those who hurry become poor.

There’s no short cut in life for hard work over time.

We’ve probably all witnessed people who took diet pills who were not willing to work hard and change their awful eating habits, i.e. Ding Dongs and Pepsi. They lose some weight and then what happens? They gain it all back and more. Every time.

Living life well as a follower of Jesus involves spending time with Him every day over the long haul.

Parenting is classic example of one of those things that is just a ton of work over many years. There’s no shortcut even visible to me. You either spend quality time with your children over their lifetimes, or you suck as a parent. Am I right? One of the main ingredients for quality time is delight–for your children to know that you delight in them. You pay focused attention to them. (A child therapist told me this, I’m not making it up on the fly.) You can spend a lot of time with your kids while you’re on your phone, and they will receive the message loud and clear–that they are just not that important.

Proverbs 21:18

Wicked people will suffer instead of good people, and those who cannot be trusted will suffer instead of those who do right.

Can you be trusted?

Luke 7:35

Wisdom is proved to be right by what it does.

We can’t prove God’s way is better just on paper. We must enact it and live it and show it. Otherwise, why would most people try it?

One example is I started spending quality time with Jesus everyday about three years ago, and since then He has opened up scores of new and wonderful opportunities for me that have been more satisfying than anything I’ve ever done.

The truth that time with God is life-giving proved to be right by enacting it.

Are God’s promises true?

They say if you really believe something you act on it as if it were true.

Luke 7:50

Jesus said to the woman, “Because you believed, you are saved from your sins. Go in peace.”

You are not your sin, you are Mine. I purchased you. I went thru hell to get you and save you from your false identity of your sin and shame, and bring you to Myself, and give you your true identity as my son or daughter whom I love so much.

If only you believe it.

If only you believe.

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