June 2 / Proverbs 2 / Luke 19


Proverbs 2:1-11

It appears to me that one thing God does not work with is complacency.

If we are just fine with where we are at, there doesn’t seem to be much He can or will do with us. And complacency means one of two things in my estimation. Either you are just fine with not being like Jesus (conformed to His image), or else you think you already are just like Jesus, and therefore, pretty much pure awesomeness as is.

What can one do with someone who has no desire to move forward, to become mature in faith?


Absolutely nothing.

Until we truly see ourselves for who and where we are, and have a vision of where we want to be, as well as desire to go with it, nothing will change.

Notice the verbs in verses 1-4 getting stronger and stronger:

“If you receive…

treasure up…

making  your ear attentive…

inclining your heart…

call out…

raise your voice…



Wisdom and godliness is not our default setting. We will not get there by drifting.

And none of this is meritorious. The author starts this passage with “My son…” We are already accepted. None of this makes God love us more. Rather it is the path to the abundant life He has for us all. A good and free life in close relationship with Him. And this thru making us like His Son. That is the point of the Christian life, remember. Not accomplishments. If we become more and more like Jesus, what needs to get accomplished will get accomplished. His will will be done. The wisdom you need, freely flowing ever to you, will be clearly heard and seen. You will be effective for His kingdom. Not thru trying harder to be effective, but by making every effort to be closer to Jesus.

So this passage is in a sense asking us, “Are you paying attention?” and “What are you paying attention to?”

“Are you listening?”

Luke 19:26

Yes, the king replied, and to those who use well what they are given, even more will be given. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away.

Here again we see this theme of complacency. The worst thing this servant could do was-nothing.

The other servants were focused on investing. They were paying attention to investing, not on fear or what they could not do.

Invest your life in something, don’t waste it.

When I started volunteering for Outreach, Inc. I feel I had very little to offer in the way of education, experience, and skill. But what I did have I offered all of. And I was entrusted with more and more while I was there. I put forth great effort to learn and become better at working with homeless youth, and I feel God blessed that by giving me more and more to do, culminating in full time employment with a very unique population.

Thank you YHWH.

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