January 16 / Proverbs 16 / Matthew 16

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Proverbs 16:5

All those who are arrogant (proud of heart) are an abomination to the Lord; be assured, they will not go unpunished.

Every breath, every talent, every ability we have is a gift from our good God. Once you actually realize this, you hear clearly the foolishness of bragging, in yourself as well as others. God did create us to be creators, and gave us the abilities to do many great things, but again, it’s all from Him. As my spiritual partner Dave says, “Who would you rather meet? Peyton Manning, or the Person who made Peyton Manning?” Good question. Easy answer if you ask me.

P.S. The arrogant being an abomination to God and not going unpunished should scare the prideful pants off you!

Hear what Charles Bridges wrote in his classic study of Proverbs on this verse:

The hatefulness of a proud look has been mentioned [Prov.6:17]. But the searcher of hearts sees the proud of heart under a humble look. Men see no hatred in this spirit. It brings no disgrace. Instead, it is often thought to be high-minded. But it keeps back the heart from God. It lifts up the heart against Him. It contends for supremacy with Him. So…when it strikes at God, what wonder that God strikes at it, as a hateful abomination to Himself?

In addition, how unbecoming such sin really is! A creature so utterly dependent, so fearfully guilty, yet proud in heart! A true child of a fallen parent, who, in dreaming to be as God, made himself like the devil. Many are the forms of this hateful spirit. Some are proud of their beauty; some of their talents; some of their rank; some of their goodness–all forgetting, that “what do you have that you did not receive?” [1 Cor.4:7] all unconscious, that these attitudes of the heart are an abomination to the Lord.

Matthew 16:23

“you’re not looking at things like God does! You’re looking at things like a mere mortal!”

Vision. How we see is important, is key to how we actually live out our lives. Life is so much deeper than we give it credit for. Most of reality is beneath the surface and invisible to us.

Whenever someone wrongs you, it is the shallow vision of a mere mortal that takes great offense and focuses in on your own hurt, thus spiritually blinded and unable to even see the hurt in the other person. But kingdom vision sees beyond this elementary plain, thru to the heart of the other person, and realizes there is a deeper incoherance and hurt in them causing the outburst. In the kingdom, your heart goes out to them, seeing way past your own trivial offense and into the great need for healing that the other person needs and wants, tho they may not be able to express. But first we must be healed.

This vision does not usually come to us quickly, but by an intentional cultivation thru practices that make this vision our natural vision, by the renewing of our mind, by the decided effort to put into place what is needed to be conformed to the image of Christ.


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