December 5 / Proverbs 5 / Luke 22


Proverbs 5

No matter how good forbidden fruit looks, sounds, feel, or even tastes, the partaking of it, even to try it, will always and inevitably result in tremendous pain.  There is no way you can see, know, or comprehend the extent of the pain ahead of time or how many will be hurt in the thoughtless wake of your selfish seeking.

You cannot go against God’s design and win.  Maybe for a minute, but not forever.

The eyes of Yahweh are on the paths of humans, observing all their courses. (v.21)

You can be inebriated with the love of God and your spouse, or you can be inebriated with your own stupidity–and that results in death. (v.23)

Luke 22:22

For the Son of Man goes as it is determined, but woe to that man by whom He is betrayed.

This is one of those paradoxical mysteries that reminds us that we are not God and cannot comprehend Him and His ways, which are so very far above our ways.  But we can trust Him, for He is infinitely good and He knows what He is doing. (And let’s face it, we are not infinitely good, and we don’t know what we are doing. So why not trust the One who is and knows)

It was determined that Jesus would be betrayed and suffer, yet Judas was still responsible for his own actions, making each decision freely, and therefore would be judged accordingly.  Yet he still fulfilled the decree of God.


Jesus was given to you, and with the help of those who don’t know the law, you put Him to death by nailing Him to a cross.  But this was God’s plan which He had made long ago; He knew all this would happen. -Acts 2:23

What I take from this is that God’s gonna get done what God’s gonna get done.  And I have the God-given free will choice to be whatever contributing part of His will being done on earth I choose to be.

Or I can choose to go against it.

Which sounds incredibly stupid.

I’m not sure I even understand what I just wrote.

God is awesome.

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