December 6 / Proverbs 6 / Luke 23


Proverbs 6:19

The Lord hates when people start arguments and stir up conflict among families.

He hates that.

The verse actually says He hates people who do this. I don’t quite comprehend that, but it’s heavy as hell.

Luke 23:23

But they went on shouting at the tops of their voices, demanding that He be crucified; and eventually their shouts won the day.

Pilate was overwhelmed by the crowd.

This makes us think of the shouts of the world coming at us everyday. The lies. How vital it is to be filled with the Truth, with thoughts of God to combat the high volume attack the world tries to beat us down with.

The world is no match for He who made it tho. We must remember this, that we must be a branch connected to the true Vine or else we can do nothing.

We must counter every shouting attack with the word of God. The Holy Spirit. Talking to God during the times we are attacked, discouraged, and tired. This is key. He really will meet us there and lift us up. He wants to!





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