August 8 / Proverbs 8 / Mark 11

tune in

Proverbs 8:34

“Happy are those who listen to Me, watching at my door everyday, waiting at my doorway.”

-Wisdom, Jesus

Mark 11:12-17

People had turned the Temple of God into a hideout for brigands, robbers.

The Temple would be destroyed. Jesus would be the Temple of God now, as well as everybody who puts their trust in Him.

We are portable sanctuaries.

Do we make our bodies a hideout for a thief? Usurping God’s authority, doing whatever we want, and not looking to do what God wants to do with us instead…?

Tuning in to God’s frequency shows you life so much deeper than the one of pleasing yourself, doing whatever you feel like doing. Until you experience it, it’s almost incomprehensible. How can doing what someone else wants be fulfilling? Because that “Someone Else” loves and knows you better than you love and know yourself. You know what you want. He knows what you need and deep down crave to be truly satisfied. And that, I dare say, is connection. God Himself.

He knows.

He gives.

Only when we approach Him as the only answer to our life with nothing holding us back from fully embracing Him. Let go of everything not God that you have a grip on and experience Life that really is life!

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