August 9 / Proverbs 9 / Mark 12

truth with lies

Proverbs 9:3

Wisdom calls from the highest point of the city, a reference here to the Temple, indicating from God.
Proverbs 9:14
Foolishness calls out from her house which is built at the highest point of the city, indicating a false god.
She has cunningly built her house close to the Temple.
Skilled deceivers always mix in a small amount of lies with a larger portion of truth.
We need to train ourselves in the ways of God through His word so we can discern the difference between
the voice of wisdom & the voice of foolishness. They sometimes seem to be emanating from the same place.
The untrained ear is more easily deceived. Test everything against God’s word, against Jesus’ words & life.

Mark 12:28-34
Love God. Love others.
This is everything. We can spend our whole earthly lives sincerely working on these two commands.
Occupy yourselves with these & all else will fall into place.
Mark 12:38-40
“Love to be unknown.” -Thomas a Kempis


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