August 3 / Proverbs 3 / Mark 6


Proverbs 3:17-18

A life characterized by pursuing wisdom, is a life that yields peace.
Isn’t this what every human person really wants at the end of the day?
Shalom comes only when you actively, daily seek to cultivate an intimate relationship with Yahweh through Jesus the Messiah.
This is more than a one time decision, but a lifestyle.
A marriage is not healthy because of the vows that were said on the wedding day. A marriage is healthy or unhealthy based upon the day-in/day-out intentionality and decisions within it.
Keep Christ before you always, and you will see the world differently like never before.

Mark 6:5-6
It is our unbelief, lack of faith, lack of trust in Him that blocks God’s supernatural power from working in our lives.
Yahweh is real, and desires relationship with us. He wants us.
He wants to be active in our lives daily.
And He granted us the free-will power of accepting or denying that.
I believe He will do remarkable things in our lives if we only attune to Him, turning down the volume of the competing voices out there that are not His.


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