9.10.15–>”Humanity 2.0″


John 12:24

I’m telling you the solemn truth: unless a grain of wheat falls in the earth and dies, it remains all by itself. If it dies, though, it will produce lots of fruit.

Jesus sealed a new human nature, ready-made and prepared for us to receive.


Or perhaps we could even go further and say, “Recognize.” Recognize what already is.

This sounds very tricky for many.

Do we obtain or attain the rebirthed new nature?

Or neither?

We definitely cannot attain it. We’re too weak. We must stop trying. Stop working hard to make it happen, to be perfect, to stop sinning.

Obtain is much closer. Receive what already is. Recognize what has already been done and prepared for all people. A preparation we can in no way bring about ourselves.

We can live a new Life of love and peace only by means of fellowship and union with the One who lived fully empowered and animated by God–Jesus of Nazareth. His life is actually imparted to us. It is already within us. Instead of attaining something, it is more a tuning into it, and this through oneness with Jesus, the mediator of the Life of God with humanity. The His Spirit takes over. Everything.

Become one with Jesus, and you will become one with God. When you start doing every single act of your day for the love of God and in fellowship with Jesus, empowered then by the Holy Spirit, you are living the Life Jesus actually lived. Mysteriously, His Life is our life, in our own bodies. This is what keeps bringing me back to the brilliance of the life Brother Lawrence lived. If there is a secret, I believe that to be it. Let us be careful not to exalt Brother Lawrence or put him on a pedestal. We could talk of others–Jean Pierre de Caussade, Frank Laubach, Meister Eckhart. Good examples of living a life animated by God’s love every moment.

Die to your own desires, and live for God’s. Then there will be many Jesuses on earth.

Christ died, not that we might be able to form an holy nature in ourselves, but that we might receive one ready prepared and formed in Christ for us, by union and fellowship with Him.           -Walter Marshall

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