8.25.15–>”11 Common Features of All Temptations” 11

root of problem

(11) When there is a case of obsessive thoughts that are probably due to some deep repression, it is probably best to bite the bullet and seek the help of a therapist. It may take time and effort but the freedom and lightness of being that can result will make everything worthwhile. Without some professional attention, we will be burdened unnecessarily, maybe for the rest of our life.

So you may not agree with the whole therapy thing, but sometimes there is a benefit for someone who is on the struggle bus, from which three wheels have fallen off, to seek some assistance from a trained person, or a gifted person of insight, or just someone who can really help them see what’s going on underneath their stuff in order to live fully.

Perhaps God can point us to professional people He would like to use to help you onto the right path of healing, the path which leads to Himself.

You can call me–I’d love to talk to you about all your problems! Oh, I’m kidding. But seriously, call me.

Actually seriously, I think it is worth it to get out from under that unnecessary burden instead of living with it all of your life. Think of people who never open themselves up and get close to people because of past hurts. How lonely that feels, and how much they are missing out on. YHWH made us for connection to Himself and others. When we close that off we’re not living anywhere near what we were made for. I’ve known people to stay at a distance from God or even God-related activities because of past church hurts.

Is this what God desires for us?

It reminds me of the story in book 7 of The Chronicles of Narnia–“The Last Battle” in which an ape and a donkey found a lion skin, and so the ape stitched it up to fit over the donkey in order to impersonate Aslan, the great Lion and ruler of Narnia. They led many astray through their selfish and abusive deceit and treachery. Later, a good king exposed the lie and then called on all those who were deceived to follow him to the real Aslan. But the dwarves declined saying they’ve already been duped before and they’ve had enough. This king never anticipated that just because someone had pretended to be Aslan that people would actually stop believing in the real Aslan.

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