5.4.15–>”Is Life a Gift or a Chore?”

Your Worldview


“Life is a gift, not a chore.”
-Anita Moorjani, near death experiencer

Getting upset when life is not perfect–perfect meaning everything going exactly how we want it to go–is kind of like being angry with dirt for never being clean enough.

What’s the point?

How we see life and all of our circumstances depends upon our worldview, what we think the meaning of life is, or, if it has one.

Do we see life as a gift or a chore?

Is it a chore? Merely perpetual BS to trudge through? Put your boots on every morning in order to get through another day’s crap with your greatest hope being to just survive.

Or is life a gift from a good God who wants nothing more than to be close and bring us to Himself through whatever circumstance meet us?

Or is your worldview that life is suppose to be a “Perpetual Disneyland?” If so, then it makes sense that you’re constantly frustrated. Because things will go “wrong” everyday. Probably every hour. So you can keep fighting against this, which is very difficult. Why? Because it’s so hard to be, and make, everything perfect. I’ve tried. It’s extremely tiring.

So maybe the point is not to bring about perfection.

Maybe it’s to be brought, eventually, one step at a time, to God.

Perhaps every single circumstance of every single day–good, bad, indifferent, planned, unplanned, joyful, tragic, euphoric, depressing–is a chance to be brought closer to God, along the way gaining ever sharper and sharper vision to see God everywhere, for that’s where He resides. Everywhere, at all times.

So the question could be, “Is life the sum of our circumstances, or is it how we see them?”

Maybe it’s not about never being sad as much as it is about keeping our attention on God while experiencing sadness and, consequently, living a fuller, deeper, richer life in God.

No matter what happens to you today, God is with you, desiring to draw you closer to Himself.

Will you pay attention?

Will you let Him?

Or will you choose to focus on your circumstances and yourself?

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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