4.24.15–>”I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About Bread…”

“Bread Good. Fire Bad!” -Frankenstein as portrayed by Phil Hartman on SNL


Exodus 25:30

Put the bread of the Presence on this table to be before me at all times.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus saying He is the Bread of Life, and more specifically the promise that whoever eats it will never be hungry.

It hit me this week with deep meaning. Something I have experienced is that when I am feasting on God Himself, when He is my sole source of food for my soul, I have need of nothing else.

I am not hungry for anything from anybody. It’s as if I am so satisfied with this bread of life that nothing else sounds remotely as tasty. In this state, you don’t go off into apathy toward people, but you begin to need very little from them. Less and less you need things to go your way, for people to think you’re awesome, to treat you well, etc.

Though, when eating the Bread of the Presence for your soul’s nutritional needs, chances are you’ll see with your new set of eyeballs as more things going “your way” because of your enhanced trust of and rest in YHWH. People may even think you’re awesome and treat you well, but you don’t require it any longer. And some people will think you’re a total dork.


Feasting upon the Presence of God frees you from being so needy because so many of your needs are literally forgotten due to being stuffed on the Bread of Life.

“Take that dessert away, I’m so full, it looks disgusting!!!”

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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