4.23.15–>”Practicing the Presence of God”

Brother Lawrence quote

Matthew 28:20

I am always with you, every single day, every single moment. [NRV]

No spiritual discipline is easier or more accessible to everyone than this one.

What is it?

It is simply waking up to God’s presence right now. All it requires is for you to remember that God is with you at this moment, for that is where God meets you–in the right now.

At this moment, as you read this sentence, remind yourself that you are submerged in God’s love.

BOOM. You just did it. You practiced the presence of God. That’s it. Could anything be easier? Now do that every moment of the day today.

There’s where the challenge arises. Not in the skill of doing it. If practicing God’s presence were in a game box, it would probably say “Skill Level 0” on it. It’s not difficult to do. There’s no math or even reading involved. The challenge is in the remembering it.

But the reward is infinite.

I believe that all spiritual disciplines end in this one, the conscious awareness and acknowledgement of the constant loving presence of God. Nothing is more transforming.

There’s been three authors* over the years known for having written on this practice (as well as having employed it mightily!), and they would all emphatically agree that remaining awake to God’s presence in the present moment is the single most important task of the Christian life and that no spiritual discipline is more foundational or transforming than this one.

Greg Boyd wrote a super fantastic little book on this in 2010 called Present Perfect. It’s one of those books I read every year at least once as it is such a beautiful reminder of what is most important. I love, and wholeheartedly agree with, what he shares personally on practicing God’s presence, so will leave us with his words today:

“I’ve been a Christian for thirty-four years now, during which time I’ve read close to a hundred books about the spiritual disciplines and attended numerous conferences on the subject. I’ve gained a lot of valuable insight from these sources. But like these three authors, I have found the simple practice of remaining  aware of God’s presence each moment brings me to the point toward which all other disciplines aspire. It is, I’m convinced, the bedrock of a vibrant relationship with God and the key to transformation into the likeness of Christ.”

Will you start today to remain awake to God’s presence and love for you each moment?

  • Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection (17th century)
  • Jean-Pierre de Caussade (17th century)
  • Frank Laubach (20th century)

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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