4.22.15–>”Review & Reflection”


Review & Reflection

2 Corinthians 11:3

But the serpent tricked Eve with its cunning, and in the same way I’m afraid that your minds may be corrupted from the single-mindedness and purity which the Messiah’s people should have. [KNT]

In practicing what we preach, we will take a moment to review what we’ve gone over this month so far.We began on April Fools Day, as most Aprils begin, discussing “Small Wins.” Doing one small simple thing at a time consistently, watching it manifest into major breakthroughs. Small wins could also be called “Keystone Habits” as found in the incredible book The Power of Habit. What are those little things you can do everyday to bring you relationally closer to God and greatly improve your outlook on life?

The Point of it All. Before getting into some specific keystone habits for the spiritual life, it was important to know the point of it all so we knew the “why” of these habits. I believe we are here to become one with God just as Jesus said that He and the Father were one. To live a life of divine love and be filled with that divine love more and more everyday. In order to be filled, we must take advantage of the “means of grace” for the filling. “Operation: Fill & Spill” as I like to call it in order to become God’s Unconditional Love Machines spilling out His love onto the world. This is the healing of the nations–divine love through us all. Unless we employ those means of grace, I don’t see how we will be filled over time with more and more of God. That’s the point of these habits and the reason for the formation of them, to create space for the Spirit of Jesus to indwell us.

The means of grace, or maybe we could call them “filling stations” (this is what older people like my mom call gas stations), we are talking about this month are:

  • The Examen Prayer
  • Lectio Divina
  • Spiritual Partnership
  • Memorization
  • Practicing the Presence of God
Yesterday we finished the memorization part and the neurology to go along with it. Tomorrow we will start discussing The Practice of the Presence of God, which I believe to be key of keystone habits! This one was a real game-changer for me years ago and I look so forward to digging into it with you all…I wish we could do it in person. Hey, maybe we should have a monthly discussion time open to whoever wants to come. I just thought of that…I love the verse from 2 Corinthians above. May we never lose or stray from the simplicity of devotion to Christ.

Man, I am concerned you are losing your single-minded laser focus on Jesus and, therefore, your purity of devotion to Him which is what it’s all about! It’s like when that snake in the garden tricked Eve with his deceitful craftiness–the world and even religion bombards you with its lies, and it’s so easy to be led astray because of the constancy of it as well as the convincing eloquence with which it entices you.
2 Corinthians 11:3 [NRV]*

* New Roop Version: “Oh the NeRVe of this translation!”

In the Name of Jesus,
Soli Deo Gloria

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