4.1.15–>”Small Wins”


small wins

Luke 10:41

You are worried, fretting, and fussing about so many things. (NRV)*

More and more lately I am seeing that the great enemy we are facing is being overwhelmed.

We try to keep up with and focus on so many things.

But usually there’s just one thing we need to institute–a “keystone habit.” Sometimes these are referred to as “small wins.”

Small wins are those little things we can definitely do, everyday, that will facilitate more small wins and give us an advantage that is disproportionate to the seemingly tiny keystone habit.

When I was a personal trainer, I encountered a lot of people who did not eat breakfast. So I would explain to them the vital importance it is on their metabolism to eat within an hour of waking. And as far as nutrition went, I would only have them focus on forming that habit of eating breakfast. “I don’t care if you eat fast food three times a day. Don’t worry about changing anything else, just eat breakfast,” I would tell them. Why? You don’t wanna overwhelm them. Changing everything today is way too much to even consider as a possibility. But hey, I can focus on one thing. I’ll work at eating something for breakfast to start my body burning calories everyday. And then, inevitably, what happens? You feel better from this new and good established habit, and you’re ready for more. You reap some benefits by better regulating your insulin levels, dropping some fat, feeling better, and it spurs you on to more.

One thing at a time. Establish it. Then move onward and upward. You can do this.

*New Roop Version–“Oh the NeRVe of this translation!”

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