March 9 / Proverbs 9 / Luke 24

repent sign

Proverbs 9:10

Wisdom begins with respect [fear;awe] for the Lord, and understanding begins with knowing the Holy One. [EXB]

Knowledge of the Holy One is insight.

Kinda like watching a movie on a disc with the director’s commentary selected. If you want true insight into the film, you watch it with this on. The director walks you through his or her thoughts behind each scene. Or, you can sit around with all your nerd friends coming up with your own dorky interpretations, some of which, admittedly, may actually be close to the filmmaker’s intention.

But why not just go to the Source so readily available if you want some actual insight? Press the freaking button!

If you want some real insight, select the Director’s commentary. Our Director’s clearest and most revealing commentary concerning Himself is available in Jesus Christ.

The more you get to know Jesus, the more you get to know God.


Directly get to know the Director.

You don’t need a bunch of other people to show you God. You need God to show you God. Seek Him and you will find Him. I promise you this. He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Luke 24:27

So He began with Moses, and with all the prophets, and explained to them the things about Himself throughout the whole Bible.

This is one of my favorite verses in all of Scripture.

The risen Messiah introduces a new, Christological interpretation of the Old Testament. Just another day at the office for Him.

This is how we are to read the OT, with Jesus and redemption always in mind, for that is how it was written according to our Master, Jesus Himself.

Last nite at Barnes & Noble I noticed The Gospel Transformation Bible which is written with commentary for this purpose of reading the whole Bible with redemption thru Jesus at the center. It looks awesome, I must say.

Luke 24:46-47

“This is what is written,” He said. “The Messiah must suffer and rise from the dead on the third day, and in His name repentance, for the forgiveness of sins, must be announced to all the nations, beginning with Jerusalem.”

Repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed.

Repentance is good, necessary, and powerful.

Turn away from that which takes you away from God.

He wants you. And He wants you to have His joy. So anything that robs you of joy, of intimate relationship with Him, He wants you to walk away from, not to deprive you of what you want, but rather to give you what you really need, and deep down, what you ultimately desire.

What we all truly desire is connection and belonging. There’s no escaping this, it’s just science. Even so-called “secular” science has shown this to be true, that we are all hard-wried for this–connection.

There’s really no negative to repentance when you think about it. It essentially liberates us from enslavement to our own ignorance.

We go from thinking that playing with toys in the sandbox is the greatest thing in the world, then years later we think sex is the greatest thing in the world, then you experience the presence of God….and you realize there is nothing in this world that can compare. But until you genuinely experience God’s love, you are just playing in the sandbox.

March 8 / Proverbs 8 / Luke 23

women wail 2

Luke 23:27-31

A great crowd of the people followed Jesus, including women who were beating their breasts and wailing for Him.

I sit with this and try to picture it.

Imagine this scene, the sounds, the sights….

And then, even in His time of extreme agony and fatigue, Jesus still sees the larger picture and can care for others. He tells the women to mourn for themselves because of the awful things coming upon Jerusalem.

It is only the most mature person who can see past their own agony and still care for others in the midst of it. Only a person closely connected to that which is beyond him or herself.

Proverbs 8:13

The fear of the LORD is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.

“Do I really hate evil?” I ask myself.

Hatred of evil, which we see here is the fear of the LORD, is the starting point of wisdom.

Wisdom hates pride and arrogance. I like how one preacher points out here that pride, self-importance, and sneakiness are the very sins to which gifted people are prone.

Matthew Henry, in his beautiful devotional commentary, says, concerning this verse, that true religion teaches us “to hate all sin, as displeasing to God and destructive to the soul…Wherever there is an awe of God there is a dread of sin, as an evil, as only evil.”

Do we really hate sin? Evil? If not, it seems that we are not even at the beginning point of wisdom. We all hate the sins of pride and arrogance in others, but do we hate them in ourselves? Without hating ourselves?

How clearly He marked His hatred in the days of His flesh by the full exhibition of the opposite grace! “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve” [Mt.20:28;Lk.22:27]. A proud disciple of a lowly Savior! How offensive is this contradiction to our Master! What a cause of stumbling to the world!

-Charles Bridges


March 7 / Proverbs 7 / Luke 22

cup-new covenant

Proverbs 7:1-3,24

My son, remember what I say, and treasure my commands. Obey my commands, and you will live. Guard my teachings as you would your own eyes. Remind yourself of them; write them on your heart as if on a tablet. Now, my sons, listen to me; pay attention to what I say.








Pay attention.

Reading the Bible in this manner is the most practical thing we can do. The reason it is so practical and life giving is not because of the words on the page so much as it is God speaking thru those words into the heart of the reader. But only when we read at this deep, listening, open level.

It is of monumental importance how we approach God’s written word. In my opinion, if we are not reading for transformation, it is a notch above pointless and possibly even dangerous. For it was written by Spirit and therefore should be read in spirit, not solely with the mind.

I say a notch above because it is the word of God and can penetrate even when you’re not expecting. I leave much up to mystery. But I do know that much is missed by reading lazily or with a checklist mentality.

The morning sky has been exquisietly beautiful lately on our way to school. We take time to notice it. To pay attention to it. To thank God for His wonderful artistry and gift of splendid grandeur He gifts us with every morning. It speaks of Him and enhances our appreciation, for He is a God of beauty and variety. We could merely drive to school, head down, grumbling at other drivers, missing much. So very much. Our drive to school could be a notch above pointless. Or it can be seventeen minutes of appreciation and listening to YHWH.

Luke 22:20

“This cup is the new covenant, in my blood which is shed for you.”

Here we see Jesus’ establishment of the new covenant with Israel and the entire world.

This is huge.

Here is the turning point in human history, the fulfillment of the prediction by Jeremiah (31:31-34). YHWH is the Covenant Maker, the pursuer of relationship with His image bearers. He longs for us to be in right relationship to Him and will go to any length to restore us who have broken off from Him.

Is there any more indication and manifestation of love ever known to humankind? Jesus seals the new covenant between YHWH and all people with His sacrificial death and shed blood.  It is poured out for all.

The covenant between YHWH and human is no longer Temple, Law, land, or nation. It is written on the heart of every person thru the blood of the ultimate Lamb, Jesus of Nazareth. Yeshua.

Performance not necessary. Only intimate relationship. Only then will performance be beautiful. Is this not what we deeply desire from our own children?

“God comes to terms with humans thru the internal work of the heart and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.”  [from the Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible]

All of the hard work has been done by YHWH thru Yeshua for us. All we have to do is recognize what already is and live into this grand new covenant relationship with Him who loves us and gave Himself for us.

Everyday can be one of peace and joy, not because of anything we have done or have to do, but because of what has already beed done.  A life of abundant satisfaction is available right now to you.

Live as if you are infinitely and perfectly loved and cared for by the ultimate Person in existence, the One who matters above all exponentially, the One from whom your very life was birthed, for indeed YOU ARE!


March 6 / Proverbs 6 / Luke 21


Proverbs 6:12

Worthless people are people of iniquity, who go around with crooked mouths.

Some people are worthless.

People who make their life out of doing evil are without profit.

This is what the Hebrew here indicates-Belial-“without profit”-translated into “worthless” in our English version to start this verse. “Belial” in the NT, as you may recall, is an epithet for the satan. It’s not good, in other words.

A crooked mouth.

In the context and original language, we can expect lies, rumors, slander, and gossip from these mouths. They are destructive of relationships because of their ever flowing falsehoods.

While in this state, a person is worthless.

Harsh, yes. But so is our speech. And it is not to be taken lightly.

What comes out of your mouth on a regular basis?

That which is good and true and beautiful?

Edifying and encouraging for the building up of others?


Luke 21:34

Be careful not to be dulled by carousing, drunkenness  or worrying about worldly things.

We are definitely here. Being dulled. Being lulled.

Being distracted by a great many things.

So much competes for our attention, to draw us away from what matters. This is why we get together. To remind each other why we’re here, what is really true and of lasting value.

To remind us where true joy comes from.

The world and its surfacey BS is seen for what it is after experiencing the love of Christ and the abundance of life He brings.

Do not be fooled and lulled to sleep by the many distractions of this world.

Don’t have your nose in your phone and miss out on the Life that really is Life.

That word “dulled” is so perfect. I was mentioning to a friend today how I read that brain scans on some monks who practiced regular meditation revealed that they literally live at higher level of consciousness. The world looks at their life as dull. But perhaps the world has been so dulled that it cannot even recognize a vibrant, peaceful and joy-filled person when it sees one, because its eyesight is so very shallow.

Jesus offers us a deeper, more satisfying life than this world can ever come up with. It’s just that so few have really experienced it.

March 5 / Proverbs 5 / Luke 20


Proverbs 5:23

Death is the reward of an undisciplined life; your foolish decisions trap you in a dead end.  [MSG]

Repetition forms habit. Habit becomes ruling principle. And so punishment is a certainty, not a matter of chance.

What are your habits?

What do you find yourself doing everyday? Every week?

What do you find yourself thinking about most often? Or at least with frequent regularity?

Do your habits of action and thought lead to more life–peace, joy, love?

Or do your habits lead to death–anger, fear, pain, discontent, wanting what you don’t have, holding on too tightly to what you do have?

Luke 20:19

The religion scholars and high priests wanted to lynch Him on the spot, but they were intimidated by public opinion. They knew the story was about them.  [MSG]

These religious guys did not live out Proverbs very well. They didn’t exactly “embrace reproof.”

There’s a lot going on here.

Do you find you are often wanting to defend yourself?

Do you become angry at people who challenge you?

Are you intimidated by public opinion to a degree that outweighs your desire to please God?

March 4 / Proverbs 4 / Luke 19

bury talent

Luke 19:11-27

The more you use your gifts for God, the more responsibility He will give you in the Kingdom and the more rewarding your life will be.

Wasted opportunity and neglect of what God has gifted you to do results in loss of reward and possibly even privilege of service to Him.

A good practice is to wake up each morning asking yourself, “What is the point of my entire life?” And then living that day accordingly.

The faithful servants in this story obeyed their master out of trust in him. The unfaithful servant was scared of his master.

“Nothing twists and deforms the soul more than a low or unworthy conception of God.”            -A.W. Tozer

Proverbs 4:18-19

It’s actually easier to live a life of righteousness than one of sin because that is the way God designed life. To be lived for Him. It’s a challenge to live for Him in this world, but not overly difficult. What’s hard is what we’ve got–the world’s given way.

The challenges are summed up well, I believe, in this paragraph by Thomas Keating:

The consequences of original sin according to traditional theology are three: illusion, concupiscence, and weakness of will. Illusion means that although we are irresistibly programmed for boundless happiness in a way that is inherent to human nature, we do not know where true happiness is to be found. Concupiscence means that we seek happiness in the wrong places or too much happiness in the right places. And finally, if we ever reach the point of finding out where true happiness is to be found, our will is too weak to pursue it.

True help comes only through metanoia (repentance), which is where we turn from where we are looking for happiness, to God alone for it, and for everything. Redemption comes when you realize and admit that you really cannot redeem yourself. When you consent to God and rely on Him, in trusting faith, for energy and for the animation of your very life.

When we do live for Him, we are in line with His purposes, and therefore at peace in all circumstances.

In living for self, you are looking over your shoulder to see who might be trying to steal what you feel is yours or take your place. You’re always looking ahead in order to locate who may be higher than you in some coveted area of life. This is a life of toil and a burden of the heaviest kind.

Yeshua’s burden is light. [Mt.11:28-30]

March 3 / Proverbs 3 / Luke 18


path in woods

brain path runner

Luke 18:1-8

Will not God grant justice to His elect who cry out to Him day and night?

I think one of the reasons Jesus tells us to pray persistently may very well be due to the way God created the brain to work-whenever we think of something, it is like chopping down a path in the woods to get somewhere. The more you walk that path, the smoother and wider it gets. Therefore the easier it becomes to walk it.

Prayer focuses our brain on its subject and takes our thoughts toward it. The more you think of something, the easier it is to think about, and consequently, the more difficult it is to NOT think about.

Proverbs 3:1-2

My son, don’t forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands; for they will bring you many days, a full life, and well being.

The way God set up life for humans to work best is given in his loving commands. They are not oppressive rules, but quite the opposite. They are freedom, giving road signs directing you toward abundant life that really is life.

March 2 / Proverbs 2 / Luke 17

Proverbs 2:1-5

It is worth spending your whole life pursuing God at a thousand miles per hour via His word and Spirit.


Because seeking Him in truth means we will get to know Him, and to know the true Him is to love Him. And loving Him brings peace, joy, and supernatural strength to live in this world among much that we have no control of.

As the old catechism states:

What is the chief end of man?

To know God and enjoy Him forever.

You will never get to know God if you do not take the intentional time to do so, to spend time with Him in prayer, reading, meditation, and nature.

The frequency and quality of our interactions determine the strength of our relationships. With people. With God.


Talking and listening and being.

You don’t get to know someone by yakkin all the time. Eventually you have to shut up and listen. And hopefully you move into the place where, at least for some portion of the time, you don’t have to use words–you can just sit in the presence and absorb without the requirement for talk. I have a couple of those friends. It’s pretty special. It’s very deep. It’s consanguinity. 


Luke 17:10

When you’ve done everything you’re told, say this: “We’re just ordinary slaves. All we’ve done is what we were suppose to do.”

To give God our entire life is merely what we were made to do, what He asks of us. We are owed nothing. But what a good task it is, for it is how we were made to live.

Don’t act like you’ve done anything special by doing work for Him tho. That’s just doing what you’re suppose to do. It’s like when they interview a firefighter after a heroic act and he/she says, “I was just doing my job.” How true this is. They actually were not going above and beyond their call of duty. They were doing their duty, what they’ve been called upon to do. It’s just that theirs is what some may refer to as a “high calling.”

Imagine a firefighter saying, “Yeah, I just didn’t want to go thru the inconvenience of going all the way down in that ravine to get that trapped person out of their car.” RIDICULOUS! That’s what you’re trained to do!

Same with the spiritual life. It’s just we don’t look at it the same way. We are made to love God and love all people, to live in constant reflection of our Creator. And whenever we don’t, we are not fulfilling our purpose. And when we do? We are living in our sweet spot, however it may look for each person.

So may we never become puffed up in our area of ministry, but rather just do what we’re told and rest in it. Let YHWH do the heavy lifting.

March 1 / Proverbs 1 / Luke 16

rich man & lazarus

Luke 16:31

“If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced even if someone rises from the dead!”

The Pharisees did not listen to Scripture for God’s voice.

They memorized it. They interpreted it. They used it. They enforced rules which they wrung out of it, but they did not listen to it. If they did, they would have embraced Jesus, the One who rose from the dead.

Scripture is to be listened to, for it is alive and YHWH speaks thru it.  To you. Today. It is not to be shackled and forced thru narrow doorways of interpretation to squeeze out what we would like it to say.

The Bible is like a person. If you torture it enough, it will say whatever you want.

If you don’t listen to God, not just in Scripture, but in all of life, you will not believe Him. You will believe in a god of your own fashion and design, but not the true God of the Bible, the one who Jesus perfectly revealed to us.

Meditation on Scripture, listening to God, is necessary to understand it and Him. Meditation is a vital nutrient to our growth.

Proverbs 1:7

Living in reverential awe of God’s sovereignty, goodness, and mercy and in obedience to and relationship with Him is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.

Fools can’t stand to be told anything.

There are some people you simply cannot be a help to. They are the ones with no teachable spirit.

The more teachable you are, the more you will be taught, the more you will absorb, the more you will enact, and the more you will grow in wisdom and maturity.

If you want to tread water and be “Stagnant Man” just keep on shunning wise instruction, good advice, and truth being poured into you.