March 6 / Proverbs 6 / Luke 21


Proverbs 6:12

Worthless people are people of iniquity, who go around with crooked mouths.

Some people are worthless.

People who make their life out of doing evil are without profit.

This is what the Hebrew here indicates-Belial-“without profit”-translated into “worthless” in our English version to start this verse. “Belial” in the NT, as you may recall, is an epithet for the satan. It’s not good, in other words.

A crooked mouth.

In the context and original language, we can expect lies, rumors, slander, and gossip from these mouths. They are destructive of relationships because of their ever flowing falsehoods.

While in this state, a person is worthless.

Harsh, yes. But so is our speech. And it is not to be taken lightly.

What comes out of your mouth on a regular basis?

That which is good and true and beautiful?

Edifying and encouraging for the building up of others?


Luke 21:34

Be careful not to be dulled by carousing, drunkenness  or worrying about worldly things.

We are definitely here. Being dulled. Being lulled.

Being distracted by a great many things.

So much competes for our attention, to draw us away from what matters. This is why we get together. To remind each other why we’re here, what is really true and of lasting value.

To remind us where true joy comes from.

The world and its surfacey BS is seen for what it is after experiencing the love of Christ and the abundance of life He brings.

Do not be fooled and lulled to sleep by the many distractions of this world.

Don’t have your nose in your phone and miss out on the Life that really is Life.

That word “dulled” is so perfect. I was mentioning to a friend today how I read that brain scans on some monks who practiced regular meditation revealed that they literally live at higher level of consciousness. The world looks at their life as dull. But perhaps the world has been so dulled that it cannot even recognize a vibrant, peaceful and joy-filled person when it sees one, because its eyesight is so very shallow.

Jesus offers us a deeper, more satisfying life than this world can ever come up with. It’s just that so few have really experienced it.

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