March 2 / Proverbs 2 / Luke 17

Proverbs 2:1-5

It is worth spending your whole life pursuing God at a thousand miles per hour via His word and Spirit.


Because seeking Him in truth means we will get to know Him, and to know the true Him is to love Him. And loving Him brings peace, joy, and supernatural strength to live in this world among much that we have no control of.

As the old catechism states:

What is the chief end of man?

To know God and enjoy Him forever.

You will never get to know God if you do not take the intentional time to do so, to spend time with Him in prayer, reading, meditation, and nature.

The frequency and quality of our interactions determine the strength of our relationships. With people. With God.


Talking and listening and being.

You don’t get to know someone by yakkin all the time. Eventually you have to shut up and listen. And hopefully you move into the place where, at least for some portion of the time, you don’t have to use words–you can just sit in the presence and absorb without the requirement for talk. I have a couple of those friends. It’s pretty special. It’s very deep. It’s consanguinity. 


Luke 17:10

When you’ve done everything you’re told, say this: “We’re just ordinary slaves. All we’ve done is what we were suppose to do.”

To give God our entire life is merely what we were made to do, what He asks of us. We are owed nothing. But what a good task it is, for it is how we were made to live.

Don’t act like you’ve done anything special by doing work for Him tho. That’s just doing what you’re suppose to do. It’s like when they interview a firefighter after a heroic act and he/she says, “I was just doing my job.” How true this is. They actually were not going above and beyond their call of duty. They were doing their duty, what they’ve been called upon to do. It’s just that theirs is what some may refer to as a “high calling.”

Imagine a firefighter saying, “Yeah, I just didn’t want to go thru the inconvenience of going all the way down in that ravine to get that trapped person out of their car.” RIDICULOUS! That’s what you’re trained to do!

Same with the spiritual life. It’s just we don’t look at it the same way. We are made to love God and love all people, to live in constant reflection of our Creator. And whenever we don’t, we are not fulfilling our purpose. And when we do? We are living in our sweet spot, however it may look for each person.

So may we never become puffed up in our area of ministry, but rather just do what we’re told and rest in it. Let YHWH do the heavy lifting.

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