Time to Forgive

Corinthians 2:6-8

The punishment that the majority has imposed is quite enough; what’s needed now is rather that you should forgive and console him, in case someone like that might be swallowed up by such abundant sorrow. Let me urge you, then, to reaffirm your love for him.

Someone at this church had personally wronged Paul, and injured the honor and good name of the whole Corinthian congregation. Discipline had been exercised, yet some thought more severity was needed. But Paul says enough has been done, and to keep going on the now penitent man would do more harm than good.

Paul is a mature leader, not taking this insult personally, but wanting nothing more than the restoration of this man, and not to drive him to despair.

Is there someone in your life for whom it is time to forgive? Perhaps it is even long overdue.

Is it time to stop punishing someone for something done long ago, and for which they have shown, even to a small degree, that they are truly sorry?

It may be time to ask yourself what your deep motives are: Do you want to drive them to despair? Or experience healing restoration?

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