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This morning I read a devotional by Andrew Murray (1828-1917), one of the most formative authors in my life. Today’s entry put so well what The Ripple Effect stands for and why it even started, that I wanted to share it with you as is, in Murray’s wonderful words.


Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.

It should be the aim of every Christian to set aside a little time each day for quiet communion with God. There is a time for everything. Shall there be no time to spend in the presence of the Creator of all things? No time to contemplate His will and purpose for us? The holy, loving God is indeed worthy of the best of our time. We should live in constant fellowship with Him, but each day there should be a special time of quiet when we are with Him alone.

We need a period daily for secret fellowship. Time to turn from daily activities and search our hearts in His presence. Time to study His Word with reverence and godly fear. Time to seek His face and ask Him to reveal Himself to us. Time to wait until we know that He sees and hears us so that we can make our needs known to Him in words that come from the depths of our hearts. Time to let God deal with our special needs, to let Him shine in our hearts, to let ourselves be filled with His Spirit!

What do you think: Will a quarter of an hour each day be sufficient for this purpose? If you are unwilling to make such an arrangement you must not be surprised if your spiritual life becomes ineffective. Fellowship with God should be your first priority. If you do this regularly, you will learn to value it more and more. Soon you will feel ashamed that there was ever a time when you thought that fifteen minutes would suffice.

Think of the hours a child spends at school to prepare her or him for life. How much longer then should we spend to prepare ourselves for the eternal life?

Lord, it is so easy to find time for my own interests. Thank You that You not only gave me a little of Your time, but that You gave me Your life.

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