The Mystery of Unbelief

Acts 28:24

Some were persuaded by what he said, and others did not believe.

Unbelief is a mystery to those who believe.

How can you not see the Light which is so obvious?

But some are simply closed off, “unable” to see or to hear. Perhaps because they have too many other things to lean on.

So “we must rejoice in those who do believe, and allow the mystery to remain a mystery, hidden somehow in the inscrutable purposes of God”. *

Many people who do listen do so not necessarily because they are more perceptive, and definitely not because they are better people, but because they have nowhere else to go. For one reason or another, they have arrived at a place in which they see no possible way out (salvation) than the reality of God and surrender to Him.

They have realized, in actuality, that there is no other hope than God. Perhaps they have exhausted their money, or burnt all their bridges with people, or been failed so many times by people, or they’ve lost their physical prowess in some form…but the truly accepting and believing person knows there is nothing good apart from God, and therefore, they have seen and heard God, and are now the most hopeful people in the world.

Do not be discouraged by those who do not believe, but rather pray that the eyes and ears of their heart will be opened, so that seeing they may believe, and hearing they will have faith in the One who loves us and gave Himself for us.

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