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5.29.15–>”Therefore…Since…Let Us: Hebrews 10:19-25″

Jesus-high priest

Hebrews 10:20

He has inaugurated a brand-new, living path through the curtain (that is, his earthly body). [KNT]

This section bookends what was started at 4:14-16, speaking to the pure awesomeness of Jesus.

Jesus, God’s superior provision for the path to Himself, is the High Priest of infinitude, having done for us what is the impossible, and who stands at the ready always for us.

Therefore, since all these things are true, let us move forward accordingly. Basically, “So now what?” What do we do with all of this incredible reality?

We see four fundamental practices which precipitate from this great truth of Jesus’s person and work:

  1. Approach God in freedom and confidence (v.22). Since there are no barriers, why would we not enter the Holy of Holies, God’s presence, all the freakin’ time??? Go to God constantly about everything. Interact with Him all day everyday.
  2. Be steadfast and hold unswervingly to the faithful promises of God (v.23). God does not lie. Hold fast to God’s promises without doubting His goodness or the fact that He loves you and is for you. If you lose hold of this, your world crumbles.
  3. Constantly encourage and motivate each other to love and good works from that love (v.24). I like N.T. Wright’s translation of this verse: Let us, as well, stir up one another’s minds to energetic effort in love and good works.
  4. Commit to getting together regularly with others who are pursuing God (v.25). It’s pretty darn tough to live for Christ if you’re not meeting with others and interacting with them and being challenged and sharpened by them. Notice this is different than going to church, sitting in the back, then leaving. I’m no scholar, but I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what this author had in mind while exhorting these believers of the first century.

So, if we’re engaging these four practices–interacting with God, holding fast to His promises, encouraging one another, and meeting together regularly–chances are the result will be spiritual endurance and even the safe-keeping of our souls (see v.39).

If we’re not practicing these basics, chances are we are floundering spiritually.

Therefore–Since–Let us.

Always, Only, For my King. . . .