Spiritually Impaired

Revelation 17:2

She is the one with whom the kings of the earth committed fornication; she is the one whose fornication has been the wine that has made all the earth-dwellers drunk.

Sin is intoxicating.

As in, it impairs your judgment.

Holding on to something that is spiritually unhealthy is like walking around drunk all the time.

Your awareness is diminished to the point that you cannot see situations accurately or clearly. You’re in a fog due to the nurtured sickness in your everyday life.

And like we said yesterday, the more you indulge something, the harder it becomes to turn back around.

For instance, if you are always focused on self–what you need, what you want–then you become drunk with self-centeredness which impairs your vision for others. You see others with less and less accuracy, less compassion, and, therefore, are more and more unable to see others’ needs. You’re so drunk on your self, that you’re in a fog that thickens to the point of inability to see through it. Your awareness takes on a tunnel vision that closes you in your own little world where you see reality only through your inebriated mind.

I believe we are meant to live in peace, freedom, victory, and even an expanded consciousness—but we can only live this way when living according to the design by Yahweh.

When I am focused on God more than myself and more than what others think of me, I then  see others with more clarity, compassion, and accuracy. My awareness is expanded so that my field of view is enlarged, and I am able to tend to a situation rightly, because I am not drunk on the wine of defending myself, living up to other’s expectations, obsessing about getting my way….

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