For today’s Ripple, I asked my good friend, Samuel J. Blandina, to write an account of an experience he had a few weeks back. [That’s him on the far right at one of our men’s retreats]

SJB here.  I was at the gym where I do some work out of two weeks ago, just working out on my own. As a corrective exercise specialist I often see BAD stuff in the gym, as in, awful form, poor exercise choice, etc. My greatest challenge is not to judge in arrogance, which breeds contempt, one of satan’s very effective tools. If I see the bad, and don’t speak His name–Jesus, I drop my shield and get reamed by evil as I judge the other into oblivion. In this particular instance of witnessing what I did not approve of, I said not a word, but my body talk was blatantly condeming near a trainer working with a client. And I was called out for it. Ouch!  The trainer said to me, “Go shake your head somewhere else.” I was crushed, ashamed, and felt like I’d been slapped in the face. It took about 60 seconds before I could hear Jesus, “Go now and humble yourself.” So I go up to this young man and tell him I was wrong and ask him to please forgive me. I almost left in shame right then, but stayed to finish what I intended to do for my workout. I was in turmoil.

All day long I could hear that rebuking sentence, “Go shake your head somewhere else,” and it just despaired my heart. It hurt deeply. I prayed for clarity and peace, as I was torn and restless. I heard scripture: “If you bring your gift to the altar, and have ought against your brother or sister, leave your gift there, go reconcile yourself to them, then come back and offer your gift.” OK.  So I went to bed. It took a bit to fall to sleep … I woke at 3am, and my heart was calm….Jesus.

I saw this person as I was working with a client later in the week. I thought I would call, or send a card to apologize, but knew face to face was the necessary, and hardest, thing to do. So be it. Face to face I confessed my unprofessional and immature behavior, and asked for forgiveness. He was most gracious and kind. A huge weight was lifted off me. And I realized that was the richest gift I could ever receive. And it came from the power under, the unseen, intangible, yep, His name again, Jesus. He has changed me.

Without saying a word we can cause as much harm (with our body language) as we can with words.

Keep that armor on.

We are at war….

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  1. This really blessed me this morning and is such a great reminder. And not just the realization of the passive arrogance through body language but taking the hard, hard step of going to ask for forgiveness face-to-face. That is the way of Jesus and that is the counter-cultural aspect. These types of experiences are precisely the faith-building things that reassures me that our God really is out there and really is loving. He set the laws of relationship in place, just like the laws of Physics, and it’s so wonderful to see someone abide by the laws instead of trying to fight them.

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