September 8 / Proverbs 8 / John 2


Proverbs 8:4

I call to you, all of you! I raise my voice to all people!”

Jesus is calling out to all people.

Perhaps you or I will have the honor to help someone recognize His voice today.

If we will listen to Him and be attuned to Him all day today…


So foundational. So needed. What if we began everyday determined to listen to God all day? To do our best to stay attuned to His voice throughout the day (perhaps with the help of post-it notes or phone chimes?). Not beating ourselves up when we fail, but simply getting right back to it as soon as we realize we have strayed.

I think this would take us from self absorption and loathing to thankfulness and freedom.

It would take us from “I’m so pathetic and needy” (newsflash: we all are), to “I’m so thankful for Jesus’ abiding presence, peacefulness, guidance, comfort, and gentleness that is always there for me to keep coming back to.”

One of those mindsets I believe Satan would love to keep us in, and the other I believe Jesus would love to keep us in.

John 2:14-16

“You mustn’t turn my father’s house into a market!”

The Temple, that great symbol, had become terribly distorted, and worthy of destruction, for a Temple replacement had arrived.

And now, since Jesus, we are all Temples, dwelling places of  the Ruach Elohim (Holy Spirit).  May our dwelling places not suffer the same distortion as did the first century Temple. May they be houses of prayer to our Father.

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