Seems Like Straw

Philippians 3:8

I calculate everything as a loss, because knowing King Jesus as my Lord is worth far more than everything else put together.

Saint Thomas Aquinas is renowned as one of the great theologians and brilliant philosophers in Western Christianity.

His towering masterwork Summa Theologica is a 3,500 page masterpiece on the main teachings of the Catholic faith, explained in philosophical terms. It is a multi-volume beast.

It’s influence not only on Catholicism but also on Western culture cannot be overestimated.

But he never finished it.

And he didn’t care.

On December 6, 1273, something extraordinary happened. While saying Mass, a routine he had performed hundreds of times before, he had an experience of encounter with the splendor of God, and was completely enraptured by God’s love that caused everything else to be put in a new perspective.

Afterward, he told his secretary that he was unable to continue his work, for compared to the mystical insight he received that morning, all his writing “seemed like straw” to him.

In a matter of seconds, he received more insight directly from God than he had in years of study and thinking.

And he never picked up the pen again.

In comparison to truly knowing Jesus as Lord, the most brilliant writing, thinking, philosophizing on earth can come to be seen as virtually worthless.

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