Other Sheep

John 10:16

And I have other sheep, too, which don’t belong to this sheepfold. I must bring them, too, and they will hear my voice. Then there will be one flock, and one shepherd.

Here’s another verse I’ve wondered about, so I checked with my commentary compadres, and they agree that Jesus is simply speaking of those believers outside of Judaism. Jesus and salvation came through Israel, the Jewish people, but it is for all people.

Yahweh promised Abraham in the OT that all the world would be blessed through his bloodline, not just Israel.

Jesus may also be referring to believers that were not in his midst during this conversation.

The beauty I find in this verse is in that last part: “Then there will be one flock, and one shepherd.”

There are “sheepfolds” all over the world full of people who love Jesus and call Him Lord. Undoubtedly they all look very different, but at the end of the day, there’s one flock, one Shepherd. It’s comforting and inspiring to know that there’s so many other “sheep” out there following Jesus in their own context.

When you think about it, the differences can actually be unifying. I kind of think of it like the power of music. Music moves people, people all over the world, from different cultures, generations, educational backgrounds, etc. And nowadays there’s a different style of music for about every person on the planet. How foolish to argue your favorite style to be better than someone else’s, when all the while we could be celebrating joyfully together, “Isn’t music wonderful?!?” “Don’t you just LOVE music??”

Spirit recognizes Spirit. Of course it’s gonna come out in vastly different ways due to the unique God of variety we have been gifted life from.

But all of us who have been regenerated can say in unity with one another, “Isn’t Jesus wonderful?!?” “Don’t you just LOVE Jesus??”

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