November 13 / Proverbs 13 / Mark 16


Proverbs 13:4

The desire of the lazy is strong, but they get nothing, but desire of those who work hard will be satisfied.

This is true of the spiritual life.

We have as much of God as we want to have and dedicate time to.  We are as filled with the Holy Spirit as we choose to be.

If you’re time with God consists of reading a “One-Minute Devotional” while on the can, then that is what your spiritual life will reflect…

However, if you make concentrated time to focus on Him during your best hour of the day, if you make it a point to think about Him every moment, you will reap the tremendous benefits that even the honest attempt at those practices bring!

Mark 16:7

He is going ahead of you to Galilee.  You’ll see Him there, just like He told you.

Jesus is the ultimate keeper of His word!

I mean He tells these dudes (in 14:28) “Yeah I’m going to be killed this weekend, but after I defeat death and Satan, I’ll rise up and hook up with you all in Galilee.”

[Record Scratch] WHAT???  Who does this?

No one.

Except Jesus the Messiah.

Think about this for a moment today, or for many moments today…

What if I tell you, “So I’m gonna be killed in a car wreck this weekend, but no worries, I plan kicking death in the throat for a few days, then let’s meet up at Boogie Burger, say, Monday for lunch? I’m guessing I’ll be famished.”

ONE–You’ll think me crazy.

TWO–You go to my grave site, only to see it opened and a dude there in shiny white saying, “He went ahead to Boogie Burger just like he said he would.”

THREE–After freaking out for a good thirty-four minutes, you actually go to Boogie Burger if, for nothing else, out of sheer the-opposite-of-morbid curiosity and actually see me there totally annihilating a Buffalo Breaded Bird with bleu cheese.  And would you not listen uber intently to every single word I had to say about my weekend? About EVERYTHING! Everyday!

FOUR–Yes, you would, because I have control over death and the universe.

We can trust Jesus.  That’s what we’re really trying to say here.

You can hear the stories from people, like some did after the resurrection, but when you actually encounter Him via the Holy Spirit, you are a changed person and you share it with everybody authentically because you don’t just believe it, you KNOW it is all true.

It is one thing to hear the message and quite something else to meet the risen Lord personally.

-Warren Wiersbe

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