John 19:39

Nicodemus came too (the man who, at first, had visited Jesus by night). He brought a concoction of myrrh and aloes, about a hundred pounds in weight.

“Nic” is mentioned three times throughout John’s gospel.

Very interesting.


In chapter 3 he meets up with Jesus at night, fascinated with Him as an impressive teacher.

In chapter 7 he sort of defends Jesus to his Sanhedrin buddies, saying to them, “Our law doesn’t condemn a man, does it, unless first you hear his side of the story and find what he’s doing?” for which he was of course ridiculed. It seems he just kinda dropped it after their hostile response.

Now here towards the end he’s helping bury Jesus, wrapping His body in cloths with a whole lot of spices. A LOT of spices.

Why does John have these references to Nic throughout his account? One thing about John’s gospel is that he writes on sort of two levels, and he seems to always want us to look below the surface at deeper meanings.

Notice the progression. He first meets Jesus in secret seeing Him as an impressive teacher. Then he’s a little more bold after witnessing miracles. And finally he’s like, “I don’t care who knows or what they say, I’m giving Him the royal burial treatment fit for a King!”

Perhaps John wants us to see that as we know Jesus more and more, we become increasingly sure of who He is, and therefore, more bold in our embrace of Him.

It’s one thing to be fascinated with Jesus as a great teacher, another to be captivated by Him as a miracle worker, but a whole new depth to embrace Him as the One who loves you gave Himself for you.

There is really something foundation-shifting about Jesus’ death…not to mention His resurrection!

Now when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he breathed his last, he said, “Truly this man was God’s Son!”

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