1 Thessalonians 4:11

You should make it your ambition to live peacefully, to mind your own business, to work with your own hands…

I wonder how much more peacefully I could live if I used what energy capacity I have, for minding my own business, and not keeping in mind other people’s business.

What if I did not give any thought to what others should be doing unless specifically asked by them and/or prompted by the Spirit to do so? And when prompted by the Spirit, likely it would be to pray for and serve that person in some manner.

What if I spent most of thought life on cultivating my awareness of God’s presence, Jesus’s sacrificial love, and the Spirit’s promptings?

I bet, over time, I would spend little to no energy judging others, thinking about what they should be doing, and, therefore,  live more peacefully.

Just guessing.

I’m experimenting with taking every judgmental thought that I catch, and turning it back on myself with, “What do I need to work on?” and “What do I suck at?” These two lists are growing rather lengthy, I’m humbled to admit.

Somewhat ironically, minding your own business can free your mind enough to sense the Spirit and mind God’s business, the business of healing the world.

Appropriate focus on self before God allows and empowers proper focus on others, in order to serve and to heal.

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