Look & Hear

Revelation 8:13

Then I looked, and I heard a lone eagle flying in mid-heaven, and calling out loudly.

It is when we look for God that we hear him.

Going through our days on auto pilot, seeing only the world around us, we miss much.

But living our day looking for God, in everything, in everybody, seeing the unseen realm, we hear from him who is behind it all. This gives meaning to the most mundane day and situation, for God is always speaking, always has something for you.

Sometimes when I gave the liturgy at church, I would remind people not to listen to the pastor, but listen rather to the Holy Spirit speaking through the pastor. That kind of attention causes you to listen differently, with less judgment.

I have heard from God through all sorts of people and situations….when I’m looking.

When I’ve been sick, I always end up watching televangelists for some reason, and I’ve received the most wonderful words from God through them. We all know the reputations they have, but it’s not about them. I’m not saying they’re all on the up and up, just that God will speak to you through anyone or anything. It is many times up to you to look for him.

God will speak to you through a cheesy song, an offensive billboard, a blade of grass, even a politician or mega-church. The mistake we make is tuning out when we encounter something we don’t like, or deem unworthy and incapable of having anything of value for us. We stay at the surface and miss a whole world of depth underneath.

Look for God everywhere today, so that you might hear what he is saying to you, no matter the medium.

Don’t make things up.

Simply look and listen.

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