June 8 / Proverbs 8 / John 1

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Proverbs 8:30-31

All of the OT speaks of Jesus. This sounds to me like LOGOS speaking:

“I was like a child by His side.
I was delighted [playing] every day,
enjoying [laughing in] His presence all the time,
enjoying [laughing with the inhabitants of] the whole world,
and delighted [playing] with all its people.”  [EXB]

John 1

John identifies Jesus as the “Word” [LOGOS] who existed before creation with God and who is Himself, God.

In Greek philosophy the “word” was the principle of reason that governed all things.

In Jewish history, the “word” was often associated with God’s wisdom [see Proverbs 8-9], but even more directly with God’s self-expression.

Everything Jesus said, did, and thought was exactly what God would have said, did, and thought.

We could say that Jesus is “God’s Talk.” Just as our audible words reveal our inaudible thoughts, the audible divine-human Jesus revealed the inaudible mind of the God of the universe.

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