July 20 / Proverbs 20 / Matthew 20


Proverbs 20:7

If you want to raise happy children, you must be a man of integrity.
You cannot be a double-minded man unstable in all his ways.
This inequity will pour out into your children.
Many fine leadership organizations teach that the #1 leadership “skill” is integrity. To do what is right in all situations because it is right, from your heart, not for self or pleasing others. You lead by who you are even more than by what you do.
Who are you?
Matthew 20:25-28
“It should not be this way among you”
His ways are not the world’s ways
The world loves to lord their authority over people, but that authority is allowed by God. The world’s way is to show their power, and this by withholding what is available to all by God.
I believe part of serving is making readily available all of God’s truth and goodness instead of holding some back to keep a position of authority or to be looked up to. We equip all we come into contact with with what is there for all who seek it. We realize we have only taken hold of something great that can only come from our Creator and not from ourselves. So naturally we should desire to show this greatness and healing and its availability to all others out of the love He has put in our hearts for people.
We have nothing to brag about, nothing to keep to ourselves.

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