July 11 / Proverbs 11 / Matthew 11


Matthew 11:28-30

Jesus is that guy with whom you can just hang out & totally be yourself. You don’t have to put on a mask, because He sees through all your bullsh*t anyway. How relieving this is to know He loves you, not what you do.
Just be yourself, because your true self, who you were made to be, is beautiful & loving & enjoyable to be around.
It doesn’t appear Jesus hung out much with the self-righteous.
We keep ourselves from being close to Him. He doesn’t keep from us. It’s the stuff you do that you think is required to be close to Him that can actually keep you far away.

Proverbs 11:17,25,27
A man who is kind benefits himself, but a cruel man hurts himself.
Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.
Whoever diligently seeks good seeks favor, but evil comes to him who searches for it. [ESV]
Committing to God is simultaneously a commitment to ourselves. Pleasing Him automatically pleases ourselves. When we delight ourselves in the Lord, we have everything we desire. Serving others benefits us greatly, probably more than we know.
Neuroscience is showing us how much our brains befittingly rewire the more we are self-forgetful.
You can start by forming the very good habit of encouraging at least one person everyday.

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