In Spirit and Truth

John 4:23-24

But the time is coming–indeed, it’s here already!–when true worshippers will worship the father in spirit and truth. Yes: that’s the kind of worshippers the father is looking for.

God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

“In spirit and truth” refers to the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.

Real worship can only happen through God’s life-giving activity. It is not actually through any of the activity on our part, but rather in the realm of spirit, for that’s what God is–spirit. For worship, for connection with God, there must be God-granted energy. Our part, you might say, is believing receptivity.

You cannot truly worship God without his life-giving breath–his spirit. You need something beyond mere human activity.

You also need to worship God as God, in actuality, is. How can we know that? Through his Son, Jesus Christ. He is the great revealer of God, showing us who he is, and what he is really like.

The Father is looking for people to worship him and connect with him in this way, through accepting his life-giving spirit, and as he is in himself as revealed by Jesus.

So I guess we could say that God is NOT looking for people going through the motions, putting on a show, or operating out of their own power and reason alone. You need Life beyond yourself.

How do you worship?

How do you connect with God?

However you do, there must be an attuning to God via his spirit for it to even be possible.

For me, the main, tried and true way is sitting in silence, listening–believing receptivity. From there, I’m typically directed to a Scripture, a book, an activity, etc. But it starts with that openness to whatever the Spirit might prompt.

For you it may be worship music, a walk outside, spiritual conversation…but it must be in the realm of Spirit, and Jesus.

2 thoughts on “In Spirit and Truth”

  1. The relationships we have with one another seem to be key for me. Whether it is a three minute conversation with a teacher at our kids’ school, a quick phone call with family or friends, or having a deep philosophical conversation about Truth with a mentor, all these things give me pause, passion for more spiritual wisdom and maturity, and ultimately, peace in a renewed strength of that relationship. These moments are not always an easy look inward, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges of identifying those receptive paths.

    I have found the coarse and fine tuning of His direction for me comes when I am humbled by those around me. God sees my vulnerability, and can teach me honor and discipline through those vessels with which I cross paths. He is always faithful to my insecurities and fears and brings me great joy and hope when I realize He is there guiding me to courage in my brokenness.

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